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La historia de la mujer que dejó la Policía para convertirse en modelo

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20 de noviembre de 2017, 18:11
LA expolicía mexicana es considerada la más bella en Holanda. (Foto: Guioteca)

LA expolicía mexicana es considerada la más bella en Holanda. (Foto: Guioteca)

La mexicana Nochtli Peralta Álvarez se hizo famosa en redes sociales por su belleza. 



Actualmente vive en Ámsterdam donde se dedica al modelaje y el deporte. 



Pero no siempre fue este su empleo. La joven decidió ser policía de la ciudad holandesa de Haarlen cuando tenía 17 años. 


EXCLUSIVE NEVER SHOWN CONTENTBecause of you guys I'm able to do this. Because of your endless support and love you're sending me daily! I appreciate it enormously and that's why I've made this special video for you to take a closer look on the 6 years I have worked at the Dutch police force . I started working as a police officer when I was 17 years old, I've worked there until I was 23.  It was my dream to become an officer and I didn't want anything else. Helping people, arresting bad guys, the thrill.. I loved my job and will never forget my time at the police force. I saw the most terrible things happening to people, kids get abused, people trying to hurt eachother, taking advantage of the society, families torn apart, blood, suicides.. Sometimes I had to fight for my own life in order to come home to my own family and loved ones. It's crazy when you think about it, putting your own life on the line for people you don't know. But I did it with pride and never wanted anything in return. This is who I was, what made me into the person I am now. WELCOME TO MY LIFE . - #policeofficer #bodyengineers #police #fitnessmodel #justme #gymlife #mylife #fitness #igers #cops #fitfam #policia #girl #model #uniform #uniforme #blue #cop

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A veces tuve que luchar por mi propia vida para regresar a casa con mi familia y seres queridos
Nochtli Peralta
, modelo y deportista.


Back in the days when I arrested @tavicastro for having too many gains ! . ▪ ☡PLEASE READ LOVES!❤. Sometimes I do miss my job as an officer. The thrill, the action, helping people & pushing my skills to the max. But my lifestyle right now is way healthier than before. Working day and night, 40/50 hours a week, no social life, it was just work work work. While I was blocked in my modelling work. I couldn't do anything "big" because else people would recognize me in my uniform. So many rules to obey.. I always wanted to be an officer AND a model. Nothing was ever gonna change my goal. I set my mind to it. I made it happen... Worked my ass off for 6 years at the police station & on the streets. And now I can proudly say I'm a model for @bodyengineersofficial & most important I feel way better and more healthy! Getting enough sleep & working out everyday, working hard for the things that makes me happy, with the people that make me happy & inspire others, made me into the person I am now. I will always stay ME and I won't let social media change me. A big instagram? So? It doesn't make me any better than anyone of you! Know where you came from and realize you started at point 0, this makes you stay true in the dark & humble in the spotlight .. #realtalk - - - #police #fitfam #fitnessmodel #justme #policeofficer #fitness #lifegoals #motivation #workhard #befearless #socialmedia #mexican #dutch #amsterdam #politie #haarlem #nederland #model #fitchick #tbt #throwbackthursday #uniform

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Luego de 6 años y desde que se mudó a la capital del país europeo, cambió su profesión para deslumbrar con su físico. 



En su cuenta de Facebook tiene más de 79 mil 600 fans, además de un canal de YouTube con 40 mil suscriptores; su cuenta de Instagram no se queda atrás con 987 mil seguidores. 



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