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Dan poco tiempo de vida a actor de "Lazy Town" por cáncer de páncreas

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Stefan Karl Stefansson (D) dio vida a Robbie Rotten, junto a Julianna Rose Mauriello (Stephanie) y Magnús Scheving (Sportacus). (Foto: Archivo)

Stefan Karl Stefansson (D) dio vida a Robbie Rotten, junto a Julianna Rose Mauriello (Stephanie) y Magnús Scheving (Sportacus). (Foto: Archivo)

En octubre pasado, Stefan Karl Stefansson fue diagnósticado con cáncer de páncreas, pero a pesar de la terapia médica que ha recibido, no ha logrado superar la enfermedad, por lo que los médicos le dan poco tiempo de vida.

Stefansson se hizo famoso por personificar al villano Robie Rotten en Lazy Town. Y pese a ser un personaje que causaba problemas, tuvo fanáticos en todo el mundo que ahora lamentan su condición médica.

“Es muy difícil decirle a nuestros hijos que su padre no llegará a anciano, que nos queda muy poco tiempo juntos. Sabemos que el tiempo es más preciado que nunca, y hemos decidido disfrutar de él mientras tengamos la oportunidad”
Steinunn Ólína
, esposa

A través de la red social Reddit miles de personas firmaron la petición que se espera tenga eco entre las autoridades de Islandia, antes de que se dé el fatal desenlace. La iniciativa viene teniendo buena acogida en las redes sociales y varios internautas coincidieron en señalar que sería bueno que 'Robbie Rotten' tenga su monumento en vida y pueda verlo junto a su familia.

Por su parte, Magnus Scheving, el actor que dio vida a Sportacus, el héroe de Lazy Town y por tanto el rival de Robbie Rotten, le envió un mensaje de fortaleza por medio de Instagram.

I really dont think people realize how talented and a good person @stefanssonkarl really is. Throughout the years he has brought joy and hope to children all over the world. In every episode, (more then 100 different disguises) he plays a different role telling different story to the audience in such a funny and credible way that no one could act up to. He always brings humor and passion as he believes in the role and knows his responsibility as millions of children are watching and learning from him. Without Stefan there would have been no LazyTown. When I first met him on a plane I knew immediately that he was the only guy for the role he was the best actor I had ever seen and I knew he would also have the patience to be in make up for 4 hours every single day without driving himself or the crew crazy, he is always such a good spirit. Now that Stefan Karl is in trouble I hope you will keep him in your prayers and if you feel like doing more there is a crowd fund to cover his medical bills and support his family initiated by Mark Valenti writer of LazyTown. Everything counts. https://www.gofundme.com/2tm9tqk when you create a character that you could have never imagined or hoped for would be played so good and have such a huge part in so many peoples lives the only word that comes in your mind is thankfulness and that Stefan is a ginious and a one of a kind. Stefan I love you, you are amazing and inspiring to us all. With your attitude I know you will overcome this challenge in the best way there is. Love Spotacus :) #robbierotten #sportacus #lazytown

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